Grapevines get clipped

When the old wooden grape arbor that came with the house collapsed a few winters ago, we replaced it with the well worn frame from the kids' trampoline. The legs were extended using metal pipes and wire strung across. Now the Concord grapes, reportedly descendants of Ephraim Bull's original Concord grapes, happily scramble across the frame and produce heavily...if they are heavily pruned.


Today was the day. Should have been done weeks ago, but...


Kept a bundle of the longer and more flexible clippings. Trying to recreate the look of a great container forwarded to me by my plant savvy pal, Amal,  from Garden Illustrated ("Pots of Style: Hellebores" March 8, 2016) designed by Jacky Mills.  Dusky plum colored Hellebores, white cyclamen whose centers color echo the hellebores, variegated ivy in a terra cotta (?) container wrapped with grapevines.  Clippings are soaking in two big red plastic round trugs.  An excuse to hit the nurseries and buy plants, not that I need any excuses.