Native tree - Styrax americanus (American Snowbell)

These delicate blossoms need to be seen up close to be really appreciated. A little native tree, with fragrant white pendant flowers, it likes moist, organic soils  and doesn't mind the partial shade of this bed. Only reaching 6-10',  it tucks in next the front porch on the NW side of the house.  Host plant for the promethean moth (Callosamia promethean) and supposed to attract butterflies.

This is its first year flowering, but it is a bit late, according to the experts, usually starting in April or May.


Have reorganized the front raised granite beds to showcase plants that benefit for closer inspection. The Harry Lauder's Walking Stick succumbed to Filbert Virus. Adorable dwarf Veitchii fir not happy here, so need to find just the right place. 

Snowbell's companions are glossy dark green European Wild Ginger and sulfury leafed Epimediums, airy Maidenhair Fern, Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Little Honey" (chartreuse foliage), a fragrant yellow deciduous azalea ('Weston's Lemon Drop'), a new 'Seiko"  Fragrant tree peony (dusky rose colored  buds turning yellow), and a Daphne 'Lawrence Crocker'. Fragrant. Also some variegated 'Mouse Ears' hostas.  Lots of pansies and pansies and Johnny Jump Ups self seeding in here. Have some goodies to add this week:  a frosted Brunnera, dwarf Solomon's Seal, low geraniums. Not sure the Bignonia (first year blooming too) will stay. Tawny orange color good with the house's Ben Moore Dorset Gold, but remains to be seen if it works with the new plants.